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Hey Friends!


I took a poll on Instagram about being confident with your EKG rhythm strips and 78% of you stated that you're not confident.


No worries! I wasn't always as confident as I am now with rhythm interpretation. In fact, I even failed my first EKG Exam as a new ICU Nurse. That was not only humiliating but also shattered my confidence with patient care.


That experience is part of what birthed The Virtual ICU Nurse Training Program. I don't want to see anymore nurses nor students go into the ICU unprepared. That's why I've created my blueprint program that covers EKG strips and EVERYTHING else you need for a successful ICU Nursing career.


After implementing the framework in my program, I pass every single annual EKG Exam with 100% easily.


Why do you need to be confident with strips?


  • Pass your annual EKG Exams every time

  • Quickly recognize a changed patient condition

  • Know what the heart is doing and how to treat it

  • Confidently report your assessment to physicians

  • Never delay patient treatment

  • Confidently manage CODE BLUES

  • Be a resource on your unit

  • Travel to other facilities with confidence (secure your bag $$)

  • Confidently pass your CCRN

  • NCLEX prep


Great News! I'm now offering the exact EKG FLASH CARDS that I've created for my Virtual ICU Nurse Training Program separately today!


For only $8 you get my 30 EKG FLASH CARDS!


I am all about supporting you through this journey of your career advancement! I'm here to help you conquer:


  • Critical Thinking in the ICU

  • Feeling Confident taking your CCRN

  • Advancing to CRNA school or NP school

  • Feeling confident floating to different ICUs or taking Travel ICU Contracts

  • Landing your 6 figure ICU position



This is a limited time offer so get yours before this offer expires!


For more insight about my career journey, watch my free Mini Course about creating your confidence in the ICU, if you haven't already.





Shakira Thomas, BSN, RN, CCRN

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