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Membership Site Details

Nurses and Student Nurses!

We have open enrollment for our membership site (April 1st to 5th), only $33/month!​

This is perfect for you if you struggle with:

  • Confidence in ICU Nursing

  • Titrating ICU Drips

  • Interpreting EKG Rhythms

  • Passing annual EKG Test

  • ICU Equipment (ex. Arterial Lines, Ventilators, EVD)

  • Time management

  • Documentation

  • Communicating with Physicians

  • Confidence during ICU rounds

  • Covid/Pneumonia patient care

  • Ventilator management

  • Confidence during bedside report

  • Thoughts about quitting

We're covering all of the above!!!

I don't want to see anymore nurses or student nurses going into the ICU unprepared like I did. And we all know that after investing thousands of dollars in nursing school, it still doesn't properly prepare you for the real world, especially ICU.

Join our new membership site: The Virtual ICU Nurse Training Monthly Membership Site!


*You will receive weekly pre-recorded lessons and a private group forum for questions.


​Membership enrollment will be offered only TWICE PER YEAR: April & October, which is perfect for nursing students who are graduating in December & May to prepare yourself for the real world.

​​This is not just for graduating nursing students, but it's also for:

  • Nurses Transitioning to ICU from Med Surge or other units

  • New Grads who didn't get enough support during residency

  • New Grads who's Preceptors were impatient

  • ICU Nurses who need a refresher

  • International Nurses who need to learn the American ICU culture

Next enrollment is October 1st to 5th, 2024. 

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