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Transform into a Confident & Competent ICU Nurse with the Virtual ICU Nurse Training Course

Do you want to become a successful ICU Nurse but are dealing with:​

  • Lack of knowledge

  • No support from a mentor who you can trust to guide you

  • Frustration after watching YouTube videos and still not understanding

  • Intimidation by the equipment in the ICU patient room

  • Incompetence about the treatment of the ICU patient

  • Not  being good with EKG Interpretation/ strips

  • Not knowing how to titrate drips

  • Feeling afraid to take care of a COVID patient

  • Feeling lost because you don't recognize patient supplies and equipment for procedures

  • Overwhelmed with the thought of overseeing two critical care patients

  • Anxiety about making a mistake and harming or killing a patient

  • Insomnia the night before your ICU shift from all the anxieties from insecurities

  • Dreading work because you haven’t gotten the flow yet

  • Not being a team player because you don’t know how to be helpful in the ICU

  • Inexperienced because you are a new nurse, student nurse, or just new to ICU

  • Unorganized because you don’t know how to give bedside report

  • Unorganized because you have poor time management and you're not leaving work on time, which takes away from family time

  • Unprofessional because you don’t know how to communicate with physicians and other members of the interdisciplinary team 

  • Needing clarity about typical ICU RN duties

  • Needing clarity about the ICU documentation and assessment

The truth is you’re not alone! Did you know that most newcomers to ICU have no idea how to be a successful ICU Nurse? I know because I used to be the exact same way when I transitioned to ICU from the Med Surge Unit. I was completely lost with no one who I could trust to go to for mentorship. My Preceptor wasn't helpful at all. She was more of a "Nurses eat their young," type of nurse, unfortunately

Imagine being that top notch ICU Nurse who everyone looks up to as a role model and:
  • Being confident about taking care of any patient population that is thrown at you including STEMI, STROKE, TRAUMA, OPEN HEART, SEPTIC, COVID etc.

  • Confident about passing your CCRN

  • Confident about applying for Travel ICU Nursing jobs

  • Confident about applying to CRNA school

  • Being an EKG expert

  • Knowledgeable about taking care of a COVID ICU patient

  • Knowledgeable about titrating ICU drips

  • Confident when entering the ICU for work

  • Familiar with ICU equipment and Knowledgeable about how to work the equipment in the ICU

  • Resourceful to your coworkers about where to find supplies and equipment

  • Feeling good about your workflow from having good time management and not missing out on family time from staying too late

  • Confident about handing off report to the next nurse

  • Less anxious about making medication errors

  • Excited for work because you know how to operate equipment now

  • Appreciated and happy about being a good team player from being helpful and resourceful to your coworkers

  • More experienced because you have a new foundation of ICU nursing

  • Organized from having a detailed report sheet

  • Empowered because you have the knowledge to take care of two critical ICU patients

  • Financially stable because you will nail your ICU interview and earn ICU RN salary

  • Rested from a good night sleep and not worrying about work when you get home because your ICU checklist is completed.

How much would this be worth to you?
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Who Am I?


My name is Shakira Thomas, BSN, RN, CCRN. I’ve been a nurse for 8 years. I’m a wife, mother of a 2 year old, and a dog mom to two rescues. I'm originally from Saint Louis, MO and now I live in Southern California.


I help Nurses & Student Nurses achieve confidence and competence so that they can be successful while working in the ICU.


Where Was I?


I was a lost nursing student when I first stepped into the ICU during my critical care rotation. I had no confidence there. Then, I actually got the opportunity to complete my capstone/ clinical internship in ICU and failed miserably. I felt so stupid and unprepared. I didn’t have a good ICU foundation, and was scared of the alarms because I didn’t know how to respond, including, ventilators honking, IV pumps beeping, and cardiac monitor alarms ringing. My Preceptor was not helpful! She stated that she was burnt out from ICU Nursing and that I should just be a Med Surge Nurse since I was slow at catching on. When I asked for someone else no one was available to train me. I felt so alone in a new scary environment. After graduating with my BSN, I failed NCLEX twice! The third time I took it I passed. Then, as a new grad RN, I worked one year on the Med Surg Unit and hated it! So many call lights, not enough time to actually get to know my patients because the nurse to patient ratio was a nightmare. The most patients that I ever took care of on the Med Surg Unit was 7! I was so overwhelmed and unhappy in that unit. I wasn't using any nursing skills, no critical thinking, just passing out pain meds like a robot, charting on 7 different patients, discharging one only to admit a new one, hoping to leave work at a decent time. After that first year, I landed an ICU position, only lasted 2 months because I was not understanding everything and was still intimidated by all the things in ICU: managing drips, interpreting EKG strips, remembering ACLS in a code blue, ventilator management, CODE stroke, CODE STEMI, CODE SEPSIS ETC. I was so broken but I knew there had to be a better way for me to become a successful ICU Nurse so that I could actually use my nursing skills, use critical thinking, challenge my brain, make more money while taking care of less patients, have the opportunity to pursue Travel ICU Nursing, CRNA school, and NP school.


Where Am I Now?


Now, I’m a confident and competent ICU Nurse. I passed my national certification CCRN on the first attempt in 2017. I always pass my annual EKG exams, I always lead the code blues, and I am a Resource Nurse in my ICU. I take care of one to two critical ICU patients per shift and make six figures as a Staff ICU Nurse. There is no patient population that I’m afraid to take care of. I have ICU experience from a Level I Trauma Center, cared for gunshot wounded patients needing surgery, Comprehensive Stroke Centers, experience with Postoperative Open Heart surgical patients, CABG, STEMIs, Septic Shock, CO VID/PNA, Acute Renal Failure, CRRT, DKA, ARDS, and have ICU Travel Nursing under my belt. I have been a Preceptor in the ICU for 5 years now, helping multiple new grads and experienced nurses to become top notch successful ICU nurses.


Now I'm helping others get to where I am because I know exactly how hard ICU Nursing can be. You can become an expert, you just need the perfect mentor! This is why I've created the Virtual ICU Nurse Training Course.

That’s why I created The Virtual ICU Nurse Training Course. It is an 8 week online course that transforms people who are new to ICU Nursing into confident and competent ICU Nurses.

Benefits of the membership:


  1. Saving time because you would no longer need to delay your dream career:

    • ICU Nurse

    • Travel ICU Nurse

    • CRNA

    • Nurse Practitioner 

    • CCRN

  2. Saving time because right now you're wasting countless hours on YouTube where there’s no one to clarify your questions and concerns in real time.

  3. Saving money because you're spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on study materials (text books) that don’t suit your learning style, compared to the audio/visual and critical thinking from real bedside ICU Nurse scenarios.

  4. No more frustration from not being able to connect with an ICU Mentor to explain your specific questions. 

  5. Confidence taking care of any ICU patient population.

Sneak Peek of what's Included
  • Video Presentations
  • Live Q&A calls via Zoom
  • Access to a private group forum 24/7 to post questions where I will be answering questions. 
  • Worksheets and flashcards to use during presentations.
Content Details:

Week 1: Concept: Get comfortable titrating ICU drips

Week 2: Concept: Identify Rhythms on the Cardiac Monitor & Know Treatments for each rhythm (ACLS)

Week 3: Practice EKG Exam (similar to what you will see in real life)

Week 4: Concept: Identify ICU Equipment and learn how to set up your patient’s ICU room

Week 5: Concept: Understand the COVID ICU patient care

Week 6: Concept: Understand the ICU Head to Toe Assessment and Documentation

Week 7: Concept: Time Management in ICU Nursing

Week 8: Concept: Learning how to manage your Mental Health in ICU Nursing by creating your Burnout Prevention Plan



Valelie, RN

I am currently a Tele/ SDU Nurse. The Virtual ICU Nurse Training Course has helped me gain my confidence and competence in ICU Nursing. During my time in the program Shakira and I discussed my path to CRNA school and how it’s important to lay my ICU Nursing foundation. We had live sessions together that helped me connect the dots with some tough topics like RASS vs BIS. The content in her program are spot on for nurses who are ready to move forward with their career goals. Next up for me is ICU Nursing, which I already have a position lined up. Then, CRNA school.

Domanique, RN

Enroll Now 


Don’t waste another day trying to figure things out on your own!

If you enroll now then you'll be:

  1. Saving time because you would no longer need to delay your dream career:

    • ICU Nurse

    • Travel ICU Nurse

    • CRNA

    • Nurse Practitioner 

    • CCRN

  2. Saving time because right now you're wasting countless hours on YouTube where there’s no one to clarify your questions and concerns in real time.

  3. Saving money because you're spending hundreds of dollars on study materials (text books) that don’t suit your learning style, compared to the audio/visual and critical thinking from real bedside ICU Nurse scenarios.

  4. No longer frustrated from not being able to connect with an ICU Mentor to patiently explain your specific questions. 


  1. Are the video presentations pre-recorded or live?

    1. All the video presentations are pre-recorded.

  2. What day is the live Q&A?

    1. The live Q&A Sessions are Every first Friday of the month at 11:00am PST/ 1:00pm CST/ 2:00pm EST. If you're unable to join the live then you can pre-submit your questions and the live Q&A the recording will be available for you. 

  3. Where do we meet for the Live Q&As?​​​​

    1. Our live Q&As are hosted online via Zoom. I will email you the details upon enrollment.

  4. When can I start?

    1. Immediately​!

  5. Do I have to have ICU experience to enroll?

    1. No. You can be at any stage of your journey to becoming a successful ICU Nurse. If you are a nursing student, then it will help if you are already in your Critical Care Clinical Rotation because we are diving straight into ICU topics, so things will make more sense after that rotation. If you are a new grad or an experienced nurse working Med Surg, Emergency Department, Tele, SDU, NICU, Mother Baby etc. then the Virtual ICU Nurse Training Course is perfect for you to cross-train to ICU. Everything is online!!!

  6. Are International Nurses welcomed?

    1. Absolutely. Everything you need to know about American ICU Nursing is online! Once you enroll you have access to the program content.

Please contact me with any questions.

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